One of the most frequently asked questions by parents and students when they enquire for lessons, is the piano lessons fees. That is a perfectly valid question to ask as most of they want to know what’s the range of fees before they commit to the lessons.

However, sometimes they also asked what are the hidden fees involved for piano lessons. This puzzles us as we wonder what ‘hidden fees’ can there be, but we do realise many parents and students are not aware of the many ‘hidden fees’ that come along when you had piano lessons.

To clear up the misunderstandings, let us list down one by one the possible hidden fees, or other things you need to pay for piano lessons.

1. Music Books and Scores

When you go for kids or adult piano lessons, you definitely need books to learn. Books are important as they include syllabus that guide you step by step to learn the piano.

Every level require different books. When you register for graded music exams, you’ll also need to get books that come with the music pieces to prepare for exams.

When you’re at higher level of learning, you’ll need to buy individual music scores.

How much?

Music books can cost between $10 to $20 a book, and these books can be purchased at music stores or online. These are separate costs from piano lessons fees as the books purchased belong to you.

Some schools state their lesson fees include all books and learning materials, but it is just a markup of their lesson fees. You’re not really getting a discount.

How can you save?

You can save on books by exchanging books with friends who also learn the piano. Theory books may be difficult to share as it is already written. But you can exchange music exam books, or individual music scores.

2. School Registration or Admin Fees

Some music schools collect a one-time registration fee for new students. Why do they do that? We’re not sure why too. Probably the school need to pay their staff just for entering your name into their system? We’re not sure, because we don’t charge any registration fee here at The Happy Pianist.

So if you intend to sign up piano lessons at some schools, find out if you need to pay registration fee. That would be the hidden fee most people don’t know.

How much?

This depends on the school. Some charge $50, some charge more. Do ask first before you commit.

How can you save?

You can save by not signing up with the school that charge a registration fee. Or you can opt for private home piano lessons with us, and you can have lessons with our piano teachers without pay any registration fees.

3. Teacher Referral Fee

Some music agencies charge parents or students a fee for matching a piano teacher for them. For us at The Happy Pianist, matching a teacher to the parents or students is Free Of Charge.

The parents or students do not have to pay us for referring a teacher to them. The teacher who is matched to them will be the one paying for the parents or student.

How much?
Some agencies charge parents/students a high fee of $50 or more for this service. Don’t pay this extra fee!

How can you save?
Simple. Don’t get involved with agencies who charge parents or students upfront fee for finding them a teacher. You can enquire for piano teachers with us at The Happy Pianist for Free.

4. Examination Fees

If you opt to take graded examinations, which is what most piano students go for, then there will be examination fees involved. You’ll need to pay a one-time registration fee to the examination board (ABRSM or Trinity College) to register for the exam.

How much?

Fee is between $160 to $500, depending on the grade.

How can you save?

This is the official registration fee charged by the examination board. So we don’t think you can save the amount here.

5. Exam Accompaniment Fees

This only applies for piano students taking higher level piano exams, where an accompanist is required. For higher level grades or diploma levels, you will need to accompany another instrument for the exam. Hence, you’ll need to pay the accompanist for play alongside you.

How much?

An accompanist fee can range from $60 per hour to $100 per hour, depending on the level of the performance.

How can you save?

You can save if your good friend is qualified to be your accompanist for your music exam.

6. Music Concert Tickets

As part of holistic music learning, music teachers will recommend students to attend concerts by accomplished musicians. In Singapore, we have many concerts held in Esplanade for you to attend, listen, and get inspired.

How much?

Ticket can price from $20 to $80, depending on the popularity of the pianist.

How can you save?

Tickets are available at different tiers. If you’re still studying, you can get student-priced tickets, which are the cheapest ticket available.


These are the hidden fees that many parents and students are not aware of, especially if they are new to piano lessons. We hope by knowing these hidden fees, you can make a better informed decision on piano lessons.

If you know of other hidden fees not mentioned here, feel free to let us know in the comments below 🙂

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