How To Turn Your Passion In Music Teaching To A Full-Time Career, Acquire More Private Students, Increase Your Income… In The Next 6 Months Or Less.

Once you learn and master these skills, you’ll be able to constantly acquire students at above market rates… with the current music qualifications you already have.

From the desk of Mark, The Happy Pianist:

My Dear Teacher,

I have an important message to tell you today. If you want to bring your teaching income to the next level, save the next 7min to read every word I have for you below.

Most teachers know who I am. You may know me as the guy who send you piano enquiries every now and then, who brings students to you, and probably the one who fulfil your dream as a full-time private piano teacher.

After working with hundreds of piano teachers for the past 6 years, I realized there are Big Three Problems faced by many music teachers, that stop them from become full-time private piano teachers, and earning an income they truly deserve.

The Three Big Problems Music Teachers Face

#1: Not Getting Student Enquiries

If you want to go full-time private piano teaching with full-time income, you need to have a constant stream of student signups. And that starts with getting parents and students to enquire about your lessons first.

So some teachers create a personal website, post their entire teaching profile, but no one enquire. Some create Facebook fan page, posts every single day, but still no one ask anything about their lessons.

Ok, maybe this is not that big a problem, because you do get enquiries from agencies like mine, The Happy Pianist. But here’s the next problem.

#2: Not The Preferred Teacher

Every now and then, there are parents and students enquiring about piano lessons. If you’re a registered teacher under The Happy Pianist, you’ll realise I send out enquiries almost everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.

However, today’s customers (parents and students) are spoilt for choices for teachers. It’s not just my agency. They can get teachers from multiple music agencies, from their friends’ recommendation, from neighbours, from Facebook, from Music Schools…from anywhere!

So, how can you be the preferred teacher among all the other teachers out there?

You may think just charging the lowest fee will do, right? And that brings another problem.

#3: Not Charging The Right Fees

I have teachers who want to earn more, so they charge really high. But can’t get students.

I also have teachers who want more students, so they charge really low. But still can’t get students. (Because there are parents and students who don’t want cheap teachers!)

Many teachers thought that charging low (or very low) fees is the surest way to get students. True enough, some parents or students just go for the cheapest teacher.

Yes, you get a lot of students, but because your fees is low, you have to take in A LOT of students, just to have a sustainable income to feed yourself!

If I have matched students for you before, you know I always do my best to quote the best fee for you. Because I want to make sure you earn enough, so you can feed yourself, and really teach music full-time.

Charging the RIGHT fees is important if you want to make music teaching a full-time career, that will give you a regular, and sustainable income for yourself, and your family.

Are You Struggling With One Of The Big Problems Above?

If one of the problems above is stopping you from going into full-time private music teaching, don’t worry.

You are not alone.

In fact, for the past few years, I’ve been getting queries from a lot of teachers (maybe from you too!)

– How to get more student sign ups
– How to quit music school and go and teach full-time
– How to charge lesson fees? Am I charging too high? Or too low?
– How to talk to the student or parent when I want to raise my fee
– How to quit my job and be a full-time piano teacher?

I do my best to help every teacher who ask me for help, and I help them. (If you ask me for help before, you know I do my best to help you).

But I realise what I’m doing is not helping the teachers for the long term. It’s often a quick answer for short-term solution.

What will make the teacher to be a full-fledged, full-time music teacher, is by equipping them with the right skills to be one.

After much thoughts and preparation, I’ve decided to design a training help music teachers to go full-time private teaching, and earn a respectable income they deserve.


Music Educators Business Bootcamp Online Course

This is a complete online training program specially designed to help you turn your passion in teaching, into a full-time career, and earn an income and lifestyle you deserve.

Here’s what you’ll get:

How To Get More Student Sign Ups On Your Own

Sure, I’ll send you piano students, but I will also teach you how to get students for yourself! The reason you get so many enquiries from me a day is not by accident or by luck! There are things that I do that gets student enquires flooding in everyday. And I’ll show you how you can get students yourself, even if you have no IT skills or Facebook fan page.

How To Standout And Be The Preferred Teacher Without Lowering Your Fees.

All businesses know that if price is low enough, they will surely get the customer. That’s called price war. Sure, your fees can go very low and you’re surely get students. But how low can you go? How can you go full-time teaching by being the cheapest? You’ll learn how to position yourself and be the preferred teacher, even if your fees are higher.

How To Charge The Right Fees, And Get Students To Pay You Above Market Rates, With Your Current Qualifications.

One big myth among teachers is this – the higher your qualification, the higher you will earn. If this is right, why are there teachers with degree or masters degree in music, struggling to get students, while my teachers with just Grade 8 can earn more than them? Qualifications is important, but there are many other aspects parents and students consider when they look for a teacher. The bootcamp will reveal all these to you.

Bootcamp Bonus!


"10 Action Steps To Full Time" Plan

You’ll learn a lot, and the next step is to take action to build up your own private music studio. And I don’t want you to be overwhelmed from learning. Hence I’ve prepared a 10 Action Steps Plan that you can work on, step by step. And I’m very sure you can potentially see students join you before you complete the 10 steps.

Lifetime Music Teachers Mastermind Group

You’ll also be part of a secret mastermind group, where you’ll get direct support and access to experienced full-time teachers for advice to build your teaching career, and other partnership opportunities too. 

Music teaching is a lonely career. Your most common friends are piano students and their parents. That’s why we want to build a community of music teachers where we can help and support one another.

1 on 1 Live Coaching Call

You’ll also get a live zoom call with me and we discuss in detailed strategies to grow your music career based on your current situation. Are you a new teacher just out of college? A teacher teaching in music school now planning to go full-time private? An experienced teacher who unable to raise fees? I can guide you personally over the call (because I’ve advised teachers of all levels).

Here’s What Some Teachers Say About The Bootcamp

In the Music Educators Bootcamp, Mark taught piano teachers the business aspects of getting more students.

Apart from relying on recommendations and Happy Pianist to get me students, Mark shared strategies that allow me to get students myself.

Mark’s “10 Quick Action Steps” helped me to get started easily. Excellent tips and guidance were given. Since my computer skills is lacking, Mark helped me a lot too. That’s a practical bonus to me.🙏🙏

The Music Educators Bootcamp is highly recommended for freelance private piano teachers in search of students. 👍👍

Ms Monica

Piano Teacher

Hi Mark, for the Music Educators Bootcamp, I’d give a 5/5 review. Thank you!

Ms Bernadette

Piano Teacher

Thank you Mark for getting me started on my music educator’s journey with more ease! Mark is very prompt in replies and has matched numerous students to me.

I recently attended his music educator’s program and has gotten many useful insights on how to grow my career as a music educator.

Mark has been a dream to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn piano or starting out to teach. THANK YOU! 🙂

Ms Fion

Piano Teacher

Attended the Music Educator’s Bootcamp organised by The Happy Pianist and it led me to think about my teaching methods as a music educator as a whole and how i can improve on my current teaching.

There is never an end to learning, teachers have to keep learning too! It was a successful and insightful workshop and I will continue strive to become a better teacher!

Ms Jie Ying

Piano Teacher

Who Is This For


You’ve Just Graduated From Music College...

and you want to pursue a full-time career in music teaching. Join us and start your career on the right track!


You’re Currently Teaching Part-Time, Because You Still Hold A Full-Time Job...

You wish to quit your job to teach full-time, but have been delaying your dream… because you’re unsure how to go full-time. Join us and let us fulfil this dream for you, like how we have helped 30 over of my teachers quit their full-time corporate job.


You’re Teaching In A Music School Now, But You Know You’re Severely Overworked And Underpaid.

I know of teachers teaching 46 individual students in the music school, getting paid about $2000 plus. Do you know how much you’ll be making if you have 46 private students? I’m sure you do the math before. You know you’ll earn way more as private teacher, but you’re not sure how to transit over. So join us, we show you how.


You’re A Full-Time Teacher Now, And You Want More Students To Sign Up With You

You want to know how to get more students yourself. You have dreams to open your own music studios one day, with teachers under you. Sure, come and join us! I don’t believe in competition. I believe in collaboration. Together, we can achieve more!

However, This Bootcamp Is Not For Every Teacher

As much as I want to help every teacher I know, I have to be upfront and tell you this bootcamp is not for everyone. If you want to join us, you have to fulfil the criteria below:

1) You Are Willing To Open Your Mind And Learn What We Teach You.

If you think you already know everything already, then this is not for you. Because we cannot teach you new things if your cup is full.

2) You Are Willing To Implement What We Teach You.

Real results come from taking action on what you learn. We will make things easy for you. But you have to follow.

3) You Are Serious To Build Up Your Teaching Career Full-Time.

This is not play-play. We are here to help you fulfil your dream of become a full-time piano teacher. If you are serious, we are serious to help you.

4) You Have A Passion For Teaching

The lessons learned in this course will really help you get more students, at your desired fee. And it will help you given that you are passionate in teaching, and love to be a teacher. If you’re someone who is impatient, hate teaching, with poor attitude or integrity, then this course is not for you. Any students you get, will quit within few lessons. 

Join The Music Educators Business Bootcamp Today

I have teachers who pay me $300/pax for a full-day coaching to guide them to transit to full-time private teaching. They have filled up their schedule to the max, some even have waiting list. And they are really enjoying private full-time teaching now.

But here’s the good news. You’re not paying that rate.

If you’re a teacher under The Happy Pianist, you get it at $197 only.

If you are keen, send in your application below. You’ll be interviewed first before joining.  

Music Educators Business Bootcamp Application Form

7 + 12 =

The 100% Risk-Free Confidence Guarantee


We are very confident that you will learn the important skills to not only teach well, but also bring in new students and increase your income. And here’s the 100% risk-free confidence guarantee we offer to all bootcamp attendees.

After attending the Music Educators Bootcamp, and follow every instruction we give you and you don’t have at least 1 new student sign up in the next 6 months, we will refund the bootcamp fee to you

There’s totally no risk on your part. Yet, you have everything to gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can cheaper some more?

$197 is the special rate given to teachers registered under The Happy Pianist. 

But if you still think $197 is expensive to learn the important skills so that you can build up your teaching career, teach full-time, earn the higher fees you deserve, then it is okay. You can skip this and continue what you’re doing now.

But if you can see the real value of this Music Educators Bootcamp, that the skills you learn, is a life-long skill that you can implement throughout your teaching career, and you know that you can get just 1-2 more new student, or raise your fee by 10-15% more, your course fee is already paid off… then join us.

Not only that, we believe we are giving you so much value to help your teaching career, and $197 is really really low. And you just need 1-2 student signup in the next 6 months, and the course already pays itself. 

2. How can I access the online training?

Once you’re accepted in, you will create an account and access the modules right away. You can learn and watch using your phone, tablet, or computer. 

3. How long do I have access to the online training?

You have unlimited access! Once you sign up, you get direct access and can start learning right away, and feel free to revise as many times you like. No expiry date. One you’re in, you’re in. You’re not affected by any future changes in price. 

4. I'm a new teacher with only Grade 8 certification. Is this for me?

Yes, this course is for you too! I understand young teachers have the most difficulty in getting new students, because you’re young, out of school, no experience. That’s why in this course, I’ve specially prepared a training for new teachers with just Grade 8 (minimum) certification. 

5. I have other questions to ask.

Sure, you can just send in your application, and ask me any questions you have. 

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