Profile of Piano Teacher

Ms Bowen

  • Teaching since 2019
  • Currently pursuing Bachelor of Music (Composition and Arranging) at LASALLE College of the Arts
  • Diploma in Music, LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore) in partnership with Goldsmiths’ College, University of London
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Practical
  • ABRSM Grade 5 Theory (Currently pursuing ABRSM Grade 8 Theory)
  • Incorporates games and mini-instruments into lessons
  • Experienced in teaching kids 4 to 13 years old
  • Lessons at students’ place at Yishun, Khatib, Yio Chu Kang, Ang Mo Kio and northern areas of Singapore


Hi, I’m Teacher Bowen! I have been trained as a classical pianist since the age of 5 and I am currently a pop keyboardist at LASALLE College of the Arts.

When I was 5 years old, I was a very quiet child and my parents decided to sign me up for piano lessons as they believed that music could help in my personal expressions of my thoughts. Initially, as my lessons were extremely boring and my then teacher was very strict, I wanted to give up.

However, after changing to a more fun and motivating teacher, I picked up interest in the instrument and can no longer live without it! Today, I am grateful to my teachers for never giving up on me even when I did not believe in myself.

My passion for music grew and now I am studying music full-time and passing on the joy of the art to my students as a piano teacher myself. 

As a budding piano teacher, my greatest strength lies in my youth. When interacting with my students who range from 4-13 years old, I am able to strike conversations on common topics that they are interested in.

For instance, young students are interested in pop music and once they achieve a basic level of proficiency with the piano, I would prepare the musical score of a pop song that they want to play on the piano to enhance their interest. 

When teaching the basics, I utilise games and mini-instruments to patiently engage my students in learning both practical and theory aspects of the piano.

My students are comfortable when they speak with me about their thoughts and feelings of each class and if they face any difficulties. Together with managing their needs, I design my classes with their interests in mind.  

Achievement by one of my students: Participated in The Happy Pianist Festival 2020 and 1 Year Milestone!

Coming from a background of professional music studies, I am keenly aware of how easy it is to lose interest, hence I always make sure my students are captivated by my teaching materials and also incentivised to practice on their own with my monthly rewards system.

I also communicate openly with my students’ parents about their children’s progress frequently and how they can play a role in their practice out of my lesson with them.

I believe that a student is most motivated to learn the piano when they are personally interested and invested in the instrument. Often times my students are inspired when I demonstrate a few pop pieces and they are able to sing along, hence increasing their interest in wanting to do the same.

I believe everyone is capable of picking up the piano as long as they are patient with themselves and not afraid to try and make mistakes, as I will be with them on their journey.

In my years of professional music studies, I have persevered through and continue to do so because of inspiring teachers whom I have met along the way. Just like how they piqued my interest in using music to affect mood and express oneself, I have found my respite in my piano compositions and I hope to pass on this precious passion to other budding musicians. 

Dedicated to spreading my passion for music, I have been teaching piano since 2019 to children from 4-13 years old who want to pick up the instrument at beginner level or for leisure. I teach both classical and pop songs, catering to my students’ interests. Currently I conduct lessons at students’ place.

Here’s a video of how I make my piano lessons fun for my students. 

Here are some of the gifts which I have received from my lovely students and their review about my lessons with them.

“Before I met you, I found piano very boring. Then mummy found you! You help me find out that piano is fun.”

Dear Teacher Bowen, thank you for making piano very exciting for me! Before I met you, I found piano very boring. After a while it became a bit more fun but then after I heard about exams, it became boring again. Then mummy found you! You help me find out that piano is fun. Then today you surprised me with a “good luck” paper. Thank you so much and Happy Teacher’s Day!

Student of Ms Bowen

“I will always remember you because of your gifts and how you treat me. I will never ever forget you and piano.”

I love how good you’ve been to me. I will always remember you because of your gifts and how you treat me. I love your gifts and I love that you gave them to me. Like, the smiley heart face emoji pen. I hope you will like me as much as I do. And I will miss you so much. I will never ever forget you and piano.

Student of Ms Bowen

Thank you Teacher Bowen, I love you!

Student of Ms Bowen

I love Teacher Bowen’s class because of the fun games that we played and the songs that I learn!

Student of Ms Bowen

“I love the games and the motivation in you and the stuff toys.”

Dear Teacher Bowen, thank you for teaching me piano for one year! I love the games and the motivation in you and the stuff toys. Thank you!

Student of Ms Bowen

“You are interactive and engaging. My goal is for their class to be fun and you’ve achieved that. Your punctuality is excellent.”

Mdm L.

Parent of 2 Students of Ms Bowen

“I recognise you are building her theory foundations and making it really engaging and fun. I’m glad you are making it fun for her to learn and develop interest in piano. She enjoys her lessons and I think it’s great.”

Mdm S.

Parent of Student of Ms Bowen

“Teaching wise I am quite satisfied with your teaching. You are gentle towards her and help to accommodate to her songs request.” 

Pi Ling

Parent of Student of Ms Bowen

“We will always remember your patience and making piano so fun for her.”

Mdm T.

Parent of Student of Ms Bowen

See you at my class!


English, Mandarin


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