When The Happy Pianist Festival was first announced in July this year, we received over 130 applications across all four categories.

This is really a fantastic response, given this is the first ever piano competition we organised.

And after months of preparation, how did the contestants do in each category?

On 12th November 2020, we held a FB Live on The Happy Pianist Facebook Page to announce the results:

1. Winner of Little Stars
2. Finalists For Classical Junior
3. Finalists For Classical Senior
4. Finalists For Pop

On top of that, our Chief Judge, Ms Vivian Reiko Chan also shared the guidelines for the Grand Finals (and tips to come out top as well!)

You can watch the replay of the results announcement below.


And here’s the full results announced.

Little Stars Final Top 10

1. Rainie Loh – Little Shining Star
2. Alexa Wan Ru Xin – Little Rising Star
3. Emmeline Ji 
4. Celeste Chen 
5. Alexis Vienna Peh Leng Hwee
6. Akira Sengupta 
7. Chloe Lee Ke Ee 
8. Samantha Chong 
9. Grant Teo 
10. Julian Wong

Pop Semi-Final Top 10

1. Stephen Lim 
2. Cheah Chong Joon Brandon 
3. Berlin Goh 
4. Ng Ren Yong 
5. Soh Wai Keong Paul Anthony
6. Chrislene Choo 
7. Urenda Tham 
8. Theodore Lee Cheng Jie
9. Ethan Tse Chun Lam 
10. Caius Lee Ky Ee 

Classical Junior Semi-Final Top 10

1. Andrea Ong 
2. Liam Alfaras 
3. Allysha Tan 
4. Aiko Pay 
5. Wayne Soh Yee Cheng 
6. Ethan Wang 
7. Monty McConomy 
8. Sophia Wan Zhi Lynn 
9. Jovan Pay Hao Wen 
10. Anav See Qian Rou

Classical Senior Semi-Final Top 10

1. Tan Rui Trina 
2. Gabriel Sia
3. Tan Shyan Zhi 
4. Chan Yi Yang Clive 
5. Cheah Chong Joon Brandon 
6. Tiffany Zhang 
7. Ng Shao Jun Darius 
8. Lau Wan Sin 
9. Yong Le Ting 
10. Charmayne Chai

Click here to watch the performances of the top 10 contestants of each category.

The top 10 finalists of the Pop, Classical Junior and Classical Senior categories are now preparing for their submission for the grand final round! 

Let’s continue to cheer them on for the finals! 

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