Graded Piano Lessons in Singapore

Looking for graded piano lessons to ace your piano music examination?

Let our qualified and experienced teachers help you!

Music examination is no small matter. You have to pay a few hundred dollars for examination registration fees, and spending months of learning and practice to prepare for it. You definitely want a qualified and experienced teacher to help you ace the exam.

There are many reasons piano students go for graded music examination.

  • One, they want a progressive learning track and music examinations will help to monitor their learning progress.
  • Two, graded music certificates are required for entry into certain music colleges, national exams, or orchestras.
  • Three, it’s a personal milestone in your music journey!

Whatever the reason to take music exams, we have piano teachers to help you.

The three popular music examination board in Singapore are Associated Board of Royal School Of Music (ABRSM), and Trinity College London (TCL), and London College of Music (LCM).  Certificates from both examination board is widely recognised by institutions in Singapore. And yes, we have qualified and experienced piano teachers who can guide you to excel in these examinations.

Click the link below to watch the performance of all 9 exam pieces of each grade here:

ABRSM Grade 1 

ABRSM Grade 2

ABRSM Grade 3

ABRSM Grade 4

Why Learn With The Happy Pianist?

Over at The Happy Pianist, we help students start their music learning journey with suitable private piano teachers. Here’s why many students prefer taking private graded piano lessons with us:

Personal Attention

With private one-to-one lessons, the focus is on you, the only student in the class. The teacher can work on your strengths and weaknesses to help you play better.

Flexible Schedule

With private lessons, you can arrange the lesson schedule with the teacher directly. In any case you may need extra lessons to prepare for exams, you can discuss directly with the teacher too.

Experienced Teachers

We worked with piano teachers who have experience guiding students for exams. From registration of exams, to selection of songs, to preparation, to performance on actual day, they know it all, and have also done it for many students. You can be assured you are in good hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take every grade of the music exam?

No, you don’t have to! The basic music grading starts from Grade 1 to Grade 8. You are allowed to jump grades and take any grades you like, as long as you’re up for it. You can discuss with your teacher to decide the exam grade to go for.

Is there any age limit for piano exam?

No, you can register for any grade exams at any age.

Is ABRSM and Trinity College Music Exam the same?

Although they are both recognised music examination board, there are differences in the exam grading. You can check out the syllabus for ABRSM and Trinity College. Or you can discuss with your teacher about it.

Can I engage a piano teacher for O level, A level Music, or Diploma Exam?

Yes. We do have teachers who are experienced in teaching Grade 1-8 exams, and we also have experienced teachers who have trained students for O level, A level and Diploma music exams too.

What are the duration and fees?

Duration: 45 – 60min per lesson.

The fees will be based on the type of lessons, location, and frequency of lessons. Once you send in your request, we will arrange with the teacher and let you know the fees.

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